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Unbroken Promises: A EM3 conceptional fanfiction

Yup, this is the story I’ve been talking about-

I’m kinda new at these so please don’t kill me if I make any mistakes *hides*

The story mainly evolves around Gus and Prescott but it shows short moments with Oswald too

WARNING: Just warning you all it contains a little bit of blood

"Finish him off!!" Oswald struggled to hold on to the edge of the rocky cliff in an abandoned junkyard, which served as another battleground for the night. Trying to hold on for his dear life, the harsh wind kept blowing at him, as Prescott’s new yet near-to-destruction mechanic growled at the trio violently. Oswald’s remote got knocked over to the high grounds when the rabbit got pushed aside by the wind, leaving his younger brother, Mickey, facing and trying to finish off the mechanic alone. The mouse struggled to keep his balance and kept aiming at the mechanic with his magical brush, but only Oswald’s demand confused him with what to use to defeat the thing.

"With what?!?" the mouse shouted over the high growls and the violent wind to his brother. "Mickey!" even Gus was struggling flying in mid air along with the duo, but the gremlin tried holding on a large narrow rock so he can hold on to as well. "Hit it with paint!!" Gus knew that paint wasn’t the only strategy to defeat Prescott’s newer and much more terrifying larger mechanic, but he didn’t wanted to risk anyone’s lives if he told Mickey to use thinner. He wasn’t willing to lose Mickey, Oswald, and especially Prescott to his terrible decisions he’d always regret. Not now, and certainly not today.

"I got it!!" replied Mickey. Using all of his strength and energy left inside of him, he finally stood up, faced the machine, and threatened it by aiming at it with his powerful brush that has the power of painting and thinning things. Nervously and carefully, the mouse started painting in the last quarter of paint in one of the machine’s tanks, which was exposed on the top of it’s head, looking like a strange version of Prescott’s goggles. The mechanic itself grew silent and disactivated, leaving the trio in a sight of relief and confusement. A short moment later, Oswald was still hanging on to the edge of the cliff, but he didn’t seem to care and was finally relieved that it was all over, or so it seemed to be. Mickey turned and faced his older brother nervously, wiping sweat away from his forehead, and gave him a short nervous laugh. All Oswald could do was laugh nervously as well, and Gus seemed to join. Suddenly, a small light of blue that appeared coming out of the machine’s large mouth began glowing bigger and brighter. And when the light became largely visible, Oswald gave a small gasp and noticed that something went horribly wrong. "DUCK!!!" Oswald shielded his eyes with his arm, still holding on to the cliff with the other, but Mickey and Gus exchanged confused looks and didn’t know what the rabbit was talking about, until they turned and finally noticed the light growing bigger and brighter until it finally grew unstable.

The machine violently exploded with bright blue light, and Mickey tried covering his own eyes from the explosion and turned around as it hit him. But Gus stared and wondered what did he do wrong this time. He was so sure in the battle that all paint could do is disable the mechanic and eject Prescott like last time, but he was wrong this time. The gremlin kept staring at the explosion, until it became a blanked white. Before he had the chance to, he just realized he passed out.

A long moment later passed by, and lying in a large nest of scrap metal and broken mechanical parts, Gus slowly awoke and stood up quickly, flying like normal. The only exception that wasn’t normal for the gremlin was the worried expression on his face. “Mickey?! Oswald?!” desperately, he shouted once again. “…Prescott?!” He flew in different directions and would sometimes lift or push the junk out of the way to look for his friends. But a while later, he finally gave up, and the brothers, not even Prescott, were nowhere to be found. Gus began doubting himself of being a good leader- in fact, he started doubting that he never deserved being leader in the first place. Stressful thoughts of Mickey, Oswald, and Prescott being killed during the explosion ran through his head, and not only will he be responsible, but he couldn’t bear the terrifying thought of his own friends dead because of his fault. Gus tried shaking the awful thoughts away by flying straight in another direction, and saw the glimpse of violet-blue to his left. The gremlin paused for a bit and quickly flew towards where he saw the deep color, and soon his face was filled with shock.

"P-Prescott??" there he saw lying unconsciously was Prescott himself, laying perfectly still right in the middle surrounded by all of the broken pieces of metal. There were ashes in the right side of his face and clothes, bruises and cuts in exposed flesh, and even stains of fresh blood everywhere on him, most noticeably where his left horn is. It was a terrifying sight to look at, and Gus couldn’t bear looking at him. He noticed that the left side of Prescott’s face was an exposed red glowing animatronic eye, slowly yet quickly fading gray and wires were seen in the back. His left arm, perfectly laying on the top of his stomach, was also exposed as an animatronic arm. Slowly, Gus reached out and carefully brought the younger gremlin to his arms, bringing Prescott closer to him.

It was nearly the exact same scenario, except instead of Prescott was Gus’ beloved Fifinella in his arms instead. Gus looked much younger, possibly barely in his early twenties’ and lacked his hat. He was wearing a worn out scarf, and looked rather worrisome and sad. He looked back down at Fifinella, who looked rather bruised and scarred too. Slowly, she opened her eyes, and carefully reached out her arm and placed her hand in Gus’ cheek. Tears in the corner in his eyes began forming, but the young gremlin tried hard and blinked them away. Fifinella gave Gus a weak but warm smile, letting him know everything will be ok. Slowly, Fifi closed her eyes and fell unconscious again.

As it fell silent again, two drops of water fell down and landed on Prescott’s mask. Tears streamed down Gus’ face, but he didn’t seem to care. Finally, he hugged the young gremlin’s body, squeezing him tightly with all his strength.

Gus was hugging his only love, Fifinella, and later soft words came out of his mouth. “I-I’ll always love you, Fifi. No matter what happens, I’ll promise to never let you go.” tears finally flowed down his face, which made him bring Fifi closer to him.

The older gremlin was still hugging Prescott tightly, and began praying for him to live in his mind. This is all my fault, Gus kept repeating those harsh words to himself in his own thoughts. If only I hadn’t been so… so foolish… Gus finally let the words come out of his mouth softly and quietly. “P-Prescott… no matter what happens I’ll never let you go. And I’ll make sure to tell the others to start on the improvements right away for you… this is all my fault…” tears continued falling down from his face in a sad silence.

Another short moment passed, and Gus started hearing distinct, faint voices coming from somewhere. As the voices gotten closer and closer, they started to sound more familiar. Is that… is that Oswald?? "You know Mick, if it wasn’t for that stupid explosion, then I wouldn’t have lost my control," the rabbit was complaining to his younger half brother while strolling, Mickey looking as un-amused and neutral as ever. Even the brothers weren’t in any greater condition than Gus did, both covered with dirt and ashes, few cuts and bruises. Thankfully, neither looked injured or were covered with blood.

"But honestly Mick, if I still had my remote, then-" Oswald immediately stopped talking to Mickey after he heard him lightly gasp and run straight ahead towards their friend’s direction. Although he wasn’t sure why Mickey reacted like that, the rabbit followed his brother through the junk and later came to a stop when Mickey stopped running and finally noticed their gremlin friend behind his back. Oswald had a surprised look on his face when he saw what Mickey was seeing. "G-Gus, are y-you ok-" the rabbit grew an even more shocked expression on his face when he saw his friend turn around, revealing he had been crying, and nearly dropped his jaw to the ground when he saw the younger gremlin he was carrying. He was terrified seeing Prescott in a far much worser condition than any of the trio was. But it was Mickey who was really worried for Prescott, and for Gus. Another short silence came and passed until the heroic mouse finally spoke. "…Is- is Prescott, going to l-live?" Gus gave the mouse a sad smile. Even he who believe the entire mess was his fault, didn’t know if Prescott was going to live. But he kept praying for the best results. Everything is going to be ok…

Everything is going to be ok…

"Ha-ha! Well, well, well, look who we have here!" coming out of the projectors were figures that were the very last people Oswald wanted to see. Petes, he thought harshly. Oswald’s expression quickly changed from shocked to angry and bitter when he saw the sight of Big Bad Pete. Besides him were Small Pete and Pete Pan. “What do you want, Pete?!” the rabbit shouted. Mickey grew a serious facial expression and even Gus looked bitter, which is rather rare. “Oh! Oh, nothing, we just came to take back what is ours,” although it was rather indirect what Pete was suggesting, Oswald immediately knew they wanted Prescott back. He had little interaction and hardly of a relationship with the gremlin, but Oswald wasn’t risking any chances of endangering any of his friends’ lives. “You can’t have Prescott!” Mickey slowly reached behind his back to get his paintbrush in case if anything happens. “Watch me!" Pete began walking towards Gus’ direction, where he is still carrying the injured younger gremlin.

Gus still held an injured Fifinella, hugging her for comfort and warmth. He was still tearing up but ignored it and tried making the best out of what could possibly be his last moment with Fifi. Out of the dark, figures showed up and walked towards the young gremlin and his love. Then Gus recognized they were enemies of the occuring war, dressed in war gear and were also gremlins themselves. The leader snatched Fifi from Gus’ arms, leaving him shouting out to her name. The thugs ran away with Fifi, who slowly opened her eyes and tried extending her arm and tried reaching to Gus. Gus himself tried getting his only love back, but was stopped by a bomb thrown by one of the thugs that released a toxic gas. All Gus could do now was cough and choke and held on to his only memory of his father- his scarf. “I’ll- *cough* I’ll never *cough* let *cough* you go,” and slowly, the young gremlin passed out.

Helplessly, Pete snatched Prescott away from Gus’ arms and turned towards the projector they came from. “Prescott!!” Gus tried flying towards the helpless gremlin, but Mickey and Oswald had no choice but to hold him back with saddened and regretful looks on their faces. The gremlin kept tugging with all his strength, and Mickey nearly lost his grip and was surprised how strong Gus was. “You just can’t let them get away again!!” “I… had no choice,” the rabbit replied, still holding on to his friend. “But, Prescott!” “Gus, this is for your own good-” “Do you even care about him at all??! Do you even care if he’s going to die??!” the last words that came out of Gus’ mouth left Oswald speechless, and guilty. Seconds later, the rabbit let go of the gremlin and Mickey was being dragged by Gus, who was flying towards the Petes. When the last Pete, Small Pete, was going to enter the projector, he noticed the two trying to reach the projector. “Oh, no you don’t!” he shouted, and threw something at the two in front of them that appeared to be a baby spinner. Then it spunned, drilled itself on the ground, and then… self-destructed.

Not again,

thought Oswald. The explosion knocked back the trio violently to a pile of junk and more scrap metal, in which a red crumbled brick wall was behind of. Oswald felt the force throw him like a ragdoll being thrown back by a child, and something sharp and large badly hit his forehead, feeling the awful pain. After the explosion ended, he found himself laying in the pile beside his brother and behind of the gremlin, who was in the front of the junk. “Ow…” he said to himself, rubbing on his forehead the object had hit him. Then after looking at his hand, he realized it was covered with blood. Oswald gave himself a small gasp and realized he’s bleeding. There were few open flesh cut wounds, but not as serious as the one on the right side of his forehead. “Augh… where, where are we?” Mickey moaned in pain by the force of the explosion. He tried getting up, but felt a sharp intense pain in his leg. “OW!” the awful feeling made him sit back where he was, and realized he injured his ankle. The mouse tried crawling and standing up again, but each time he tried to, the pain in his leg only felt worse and worse. “Ow! I-I can’t get up!” Mickey finally rubbed his injured leg, and saw blood when he touched his white glove with it. Oswald heard his brother’s cries and crawled towards him, touching his broken ankle. “Owww!” “Mick, this- this is really bad,” the mouse couldn’t help but notice the bleeding on his brother’s forehead. “Oswald! Y-you’re bleeding!” “I know Mick, but it’s only a minor injury,” despite it being “minor”, the wound looked like as if someone shot Oswald in the head.

In the middle of all the chaos, it was the worst time for Mickey to get a leg injury. He can’t fight villains hopping with one leg, moaning in pain for the other the whole time. Out of nowhere, Oswald took out a roll of white bandages and started wrapping on Mickey’s ankle. The blood was see-through through the bandages, but Oswald kept wrapping until it was enough to stop the oozing. “Where did you even get that??” Mickey questioned where his brother got the roll. “Long story, don’t ask,” “Aren’t you going to use it to wrap your forehead with it?” Oswald sighed and ignored his brother. Mickey’s condition was much more serious than Oswald’s, despite the constant bleeding.

“There we go,” Oswald finished wrapping up Mickey’s ankle. He knew he was going to carry his younger brother to OsTown to get the recovery he needed. Gus was quickly flying in mid-air, and stared back at the now collapsed projector. “Prescott…” he quietly said to himself. “But what was that thing Pete had?” questioned the mouse. “I don’t know, but whatever it was they probably had Prescott build it for themselves.” turning to face where the gremlin was floating by, Oswald’s expression once again grew guilty. Mickey stared at Gus and tried grabbing his arm, only in the response of being violently tugged away from. “I’m not in the mood,” Gus gave Mickey a serious expression, rather angry-like, which was rather scary. Mickey yelped quietly, scared by his friend, and sighed. Ever since he met gremlin Gus, he later learned he was a WW2 veteran of sorts, and shouldn’t be surprised by this type of behavior. But coming from as someone as kind and loyal as Gus was rather shocking. The gremlin looked away and gave up hope. He slowly flew away from the brothers, hand holding to his arm looking at the ground of dirt.

Oswald slowly stood up and walked directly to his friend, placing his hand on his shoulder. This time the older gremlin did not budge and continued looking at the ground. “I do care,” the rabbit quietly whispered. He cared for his friend’s happiness and joy, and would do anything he can to cheer him up. But it would be difficult to do so at the moment. A moment later, the gremlin veteran finally spoke. “I-I didn’t mean for none of this to happen,” “But Gus, you know we’ll be fine-” “Listen to me Oswald- I’m sorry for my earlier behavior. I just- I just didn’t want to make the same, foolish, mistake like before and break my promise to Prescott, like with my… Fifinella…” “…What, did you promise?” Gus hesitated for a moment, but softly replied, “That, I would never let them go,”

Oswald gazed up at the bright, beautiful stars of midnight, admiring their brightness. He couldn’t help but to think but to think of lost friends from the thinner disaster that didn’t made it back, their families missing them and crying for them every day even when they get reminded of them. The tears falling from their faces, the figures dressed in black, standing near their graves, where finally, finally, they can rest in peace. Then he thought about his caring, kind, mother, and then instantly thought about his father. “…We’ll-we’ll find him,” Oswald was still gazing up at the stars. “Everything will be ok,”

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